Be still, in his mind

by Shararah Shahreen Aashna

Raise your hand
Uncover the sight of skin
From under the twists of sheets
Loving of the light that is welcomed in.
Beckons you, a familiar sound – it summons,
“Come” she whispers from the other side
Where the sun sets for the sun to rise
In the boughs of utopia once,
Now into the silence, she shoots
Dissolved by the dark of the night.

In your waking –
Be she a photograph;
Or, the vivid memory
So loud in the colours she brings.
Be she perched, laid high
At the top of the walls of your thought –
Be she as you would see
A wish fulfilled.

The daylight is now for you to give
To where the sun don’t shine
Until you’ve been bathed in.

Once upon a passed moon
We were lovers fading too soon
Still encumbered by a love though
That would never, to an end, surrender
But as you had come
You had gone
And I had turned to rust
I had been eroding stone.
But our love, it flows
Us back to the arms of a shore
Where time had begun –
For this love, it still roars
Where we find us come crawling
To our surprise or knowing
We will always be lovers
Tied by the soul.

Today, we sleep tangled,
Our bodies far separate.
Morning through my window
Is the call for your night’s glow.
Tomorrow, I make a promise
Tomorrow is yours and mine
To wake up to the same wintry haze
And devour the starlight.
Together, all of, in the same sky.
Tomorrow will come, someday it will.
Today we sleep this way again

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