by Shararah Shahreen Aashna

How would you incubate
This beloved rush?
Containment only, till the hours burn out.
Till the mind’s fight is fought, and lost
So takes the body with it all
To a deep slumber
Separates you from your beloved –
Waking you to the dark, dull of life without.
Here is company, here is time spent
But you will not pay heed, speak or listen
Your means are dry –
No means to travel forth or begin
To get to your beloved
To bring her home
So as she seeps through your whole.
Time, company, sound you may wish to welcome
Such is the tragedy, a glimpse of a travesty
Such is the joke – for your beloved
Must you drain
Your mind, your body
And separate
From basic space
To buy a mere moment
To buy the love
Of your dearly beloved
And then suffer her escape
Her being lost.

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