Question paper leak has become a phenomenon. How to solve this menace?

peo01We live in a country where the percentage of literate people is very low compared to other developing countries, yet, we seldom care about such vital issues! We all pursue a ‘Degree/Certificate’, which is why most of us do not want to study or understand the true importance of Education.
There is a vast difference between ‘education’ and ‘literacy’. Not all literate people are educated and vice versa. Therefore, a large number of our masses dream of getting a good job after obtaining a ‘degree/certificate’. This legitimises the undertaking of unethical and illegal ways to obtain the degree to ourselves. That is why the nefarious syndicates are able to take advantage, by conducting their vested interests in leaking out question papers.
There are a lot of brilliant students as well as the mediocre and poor students in terms of education, who are not consciously aware about their future and thus, they fall for such traps.
Therefore, strict measures must be taken to stop this sabotage by conducting cumulative operations from both the government and the private sectors. Also, students must not be given the impression that they can get away by getting the question papers beforehand. The operation must be started from the grass root level, so that these obnoxious activities can be stopped.  Only then, can we think of our present generation to be the future leaders of our country.
Farah Naz Haque
Cardiff International School

The leaking out of question papers, in any public recruitment examination, is not new in the country. On numerous occasions, since the independence of the country, question papers were leaked out.
It has become a common phenomenon in all public examinations, that questions are leaked prior to the exam. It is happening from PSC, JSC, SSC, and HSC to Medical admission even in public entry job tests. A group of people manage to leak these questions through their political and economic connections.
It is an unethical practice spreading out in to our society day by day. Students who are passing their exams by help of leaked question papers are cheating themselves as well as the nation. First of all, they are passing exams without studying and getting good results, where really talented students are facing real hardship. This is a direct form of discrimination. Then they are getting jobs in important sectors, where there is a need for qualified personnel.
Education is called the backbone of a nation and a vital indicator in calculating human development. Educated persons are the drivers to lead a country towards prosperity. But when ones qualification is attained through illegal means, the total development process will be ineffective automatically. Students those are passing due to leaked question papers are entering into important job sectors. This inefficient workforce may be corrupted in their jobs, willing to resort to any measure for their self interest.
How to solve the problem:-
Where there is a problem, there is a solution. This illegal practice should be stopped as soon as possible via strict rules.
Honest, respected and qualified teachers should be given responsibility of preparing question papers.
Strong monitoring committees need to be formed in education boards and printing press.
Suspected persons related to question leakage should be fired from jobs immediately and criminal case should be filed.
Both the leakers as well as the receiver are culprits. Thus, a visiting court should be set up to punish the culprits instantly without considering the identity of the criminal.
All kinds of electronic devices should be prohibited in exam halls via laws.
Network jamming devices should be used to protect illegal use of electronic devices in the area of the examination hall.
In short these above given solutions if applied, I think should prevent the leakage of question papers.
Shabnam Talukder Barsha
School of Law
BRAC University

Just two years back me and two of my friends, attended two preliminary job appointment exams. One of them was under the National Revenue Board (NBR) the other under Directorate of Primary Education Board as ATEO. They had done a lot of research, where as I did not. In my astonishment they revealed to me, on their mobile phones, formulas that were supposed to be in the question paper, the night before. It disturbed me quite a lot, and I vowed since then, never to apply for these governmental sectors, both the NBA and the ATEO.
Though a lot has been said about it, I think the government can collect the questions prepared before the circular of every exam. The questioners would be provided with only the syllabus or topics of questions. They will not be allowed to know the exam name for which they are preparing the questions. This way, the collected question sets would be delivered later according to the planned exam.
An active syndicate is currently behind the question leakage continuously and in disguise. The most puissant faction among them is based in coaching centres. The coaching centres are creating a business with the aim of passing 100 per cent of their students. We the people must act in order to prevent such practices. Starting from educational institutions to job appointment exams, such practices have contaminated every institution. The leaking of question from every sector proves that these people have infiltrated many institutions, and have access to these question papers. A firm and honest drive can eradicate this problem, and exemplary punishment will also act as a deterrent.
The growing habit of our countrymen, especially those working within the government, of corruption have given birth to many regulatory boards in recent times. Therefore, it must be stated that our dishonesty and the dishonesty brewing within our society is the reason behind the creation of such boards, such as the Anti Corruption Commission. If society reverts back to being honest, there will be no need for such bodies, except to reaffirm transparency and proper conduct. However, currently due to the ongoing dishonest practices, these bodies must perform their duties fully, so that we may have a society for the honestly qualified, and rid of the corrupt ones.
Sulaiman Husain
Cox’s Bazar Commerce College, Cox’s Bazar.

In recent times, question paper leak has become a concerning issue for the education sector in Bangladesh. Day by day, this unfair practice is increasing at an alarming rate. This phenomenon is basically degrading the intelligence as well as hampering the creativeness of the students to a great extent.
On one hand, this sort of unfair phenomenon is encouraging the examinees to expect full or a satisfactory mark in the examination, by devoting less effort on their studies. On the other hand, this phenomenon is also increasing the greed of the culprits for earning money unethically, in the shortest possible time. It is known to all that, ‘education is the backbone of a nation.’ But it is also unknown to us, the current condition of the educational system within Bangladesh, because of question paper leaks in the majority of public examinations.
At present, the leaking of question paper is turning out to be the norm before public examinations in Bangladesh. So, we can follow the prevention concept as the primary step. The education ministry must enact a law against leaking of question paper before all kinds of public examinations in Bangladesh. The ministry should ensure that, the officials who are involved in forwarding, printing and preserving the question paper will be mandatorily liable for the unexpected occurrence of question paper leaking. The ministry must also ensure that, the officials must have to face the penalty for question paper leaking, as well as ensure political influence will not violate the law and influence the situation during investigation and in determining the penalty.
Civil society, academics and media can play an important role in raising social awareness against this menace. The guardians must play the role in discouraging the examinees regarding leaked question paper, because this unfair tendency will not bring better results in the future. The learners must have the morality to reject the use of leaked question paper before their examination. Finally, to prevent this menace, total support should be provided by the government.
Mohan Chowdhury
Dept. of International Business
University of Dhaka

The issue of ‘question paper leak’ has become a talking point in Bangladesh recently. Education is clearly in a bad state in the country. Almost all the question papers of different public examination like PECE, JSC, SSC, HSC even recruiting examinations including BCC are being leaked. If these heinous acts continue, the whole education system of our country will break down. It has become a tradition for some students, that they must get the question paper before the examination night. So they do not study all year, but simply go through those questions beforehand.
It is said that the more a nation is educated the more it will be developed. It is noteworthy that there is a rise in the literacy rate in Bangladesh. But the question is what kind of education do we get? How effective will this education be in building up the nation? Can these educated students bring any glory for us? The answer is no, because such type of successes are the result of question paper leakage. Those students learned nothing, but simply answered the questions they already knew would come prior to sitting for the exam.
The authorities take endless pride in the number of golden GPA’s in JSC, SSC and HSC examination. But all these achievements will soon mean nothing unless questions papers are placed under tight security before they reach the examination halls. Recently we have seen the result of it in the admission test of DU. Where only about 25 golden A+ holders have passed. It is very disheartening indeed for the whole nation.
Now the question is how are the question papers being leaked? It is very easy to say, that somewhere along the line the authorities may have lost control over the entire examination process. It is not possible for individuals or groups to come by question papers in advance unless they have links within the education establishment. The authorities concerned for making and distributing question papers, are certainly responsible for question paper leakage. During printing or distributing one or two copies of the question papers are being carried away by some crooked officials. They provide these question papers to immoral syndicates in exchange for money, and then these leaked question papers are distributed by means of mobile phone or social media. Getting the question paper the examinee becomes happy; but little they do know what harm they bring to themselves. The innocent mind of a primary level student becomes contaminated when he is acquainted with this crime.
If this heinous practice continuous, the whole nation will fall in to a dark future. The innocent minded learners of today will lead the next generation. The students of today are the leaders of nation in the near future. But if they learn to accept corruption from childhood, how will they lead the nation? And how safe will the nation be in their hands? All apertures to corruption will put the entire nation in grave danger.
We are glad to hear that this issue has now drawn the serious attention of eminent citizens who organised a protest. Their demand is that the education authorities have to take severe and meaningful action to stop the menace. Education ministry has to take strict action against this crime. Exemplary punishment should be given to the corrupted personnel involved. Public awareness is necessary to prevent it. Students have to be moral and they should not seek question papers before examinations. They should be made aware of its adverse effects. The guardian has to be conscious. They can play vital role to stop it. They have to keep keen eyes on their children. Finally, we all have to stop these heinous acts together otherwise our nation will be ruined from within.
Md. Shariful Islam
English Teacher
Doleshwar Adarsha High School
Keranigonj Dhaka.

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