3 more arrested in Keraniganj 4-murder case

New Age Online

Rapid Action Battalion members on Wednesday held three people including the prime suspect in killing of four people of a family at Keraniganj, claimed battalion officials.
The RAB-10 deputy director (media wing), Rumman Mahmud, said that the battalion members arrested ‘mastermind’ Sumon and his associate Chan Mia, also a robbery suspect, and Sumon’s wife Afsanaat places.
The blindfolded bodies of the four, with their hands and legs tied, were found in a first-floor apartment of a six-storey building at Kadampur on September 24.
They victims were later identified as Saju Ahmed, 35, his wife Rajia Begum, 26, their seven-year-old son Imran and around two-year-old daughter Sanjida.
The police arrested seven people in connection with the murders on September 25 and another suspect on October 30.

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