Politicians’ failure led to Jan 11 changeover: speakers

Moudud’s book launched

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Guests hold copies of ‘Bangladesh: Emergency and The Aftermath (2007-2008)’ by senior jurist Moudud Ahmed after its launch at Supreme Court Bar Association Auditorium in Dhaka on Saturday. — New Age photo

Guests hold copies of ‘Bangladesh: Emergency and The Aftermath (2007-2008)’ by senior jurist Moudud Ahmed after its launch at Supreme Court Bar Association Auditorium in Dhaka on Saturday. — New Age photo

A group of academics, politicians and media professionals on Saturday termed the political changeover of January 11 in 2007 a ‘full-scale military takeover’ in the guise of emergency government in contravention of the constitution.
They came up with the views at the launch of a book written by Bangladesh Nationalist Party standing committee member Moudud Ahmed, also a senior jurist, at the Supreme Court Bar Association auditorium in the city.
The book titled ‘Bangladesh: Emergency and The Aftermath (2007-2008)’ published by University Press Limited chronicled the events leading up to and after the political changeover on January 11 in 2007 and its impact on the society, politics and the state.
‘That was a full-scale military takeover and the then chief of army staff Moin Uddin Ahmed was the mastermind,’ said political scientist Emajuddin Ahmed, also former vice-chancellor of Dhaka University who presided over the programme.
He also held the country’s politicians responsible for failing to reach a consensus which paved the way for the ‘coup d’état’.
‘Politicians have miserably failed to do what they should have done at that time. Why the politicians could not reach a consensus on appointment of a chief adviser and reconstitution of the Election Commission at that time?’
The author Moudud Ahmed said a handful of ambitious army officials, not the entire military, had staged the coup in the guise of an emergency government.
Moudud claimed that a group of army officers had told him during an interrogation that they wanted to make Moin Uddin Ahmed the president of the country.
He also said the situation of the judiciary had reached a point which could be compared to its situation during that emergency government.
Moudud said the then government had destroyed the social fabric in its entirety through the destruction of state institutions.
He called for setting up high-powered judicial commission to try those who had orchestrated the January 11 political changeover in violation of the constitution. ‘They will be put on trial one day on this soil… The present government is not bringing them to justice as they helped it to come to power.’
Quoting from his new book, Moudud said the emergency government was an irresponsible, mindless and repressive government which had committed crime against the nation. ‘It was completely an unconstitutional and illegal government. They must be tried.’
News Today editor Reazuddin Ahmed said the emergency government and its masterminds had ‘ambition but did not have the courage.’
Senior jurist Rafique-ul Huq said the book would be considered a milestone in the judicial history of Bangladesh.
New Age editor Nurul Kabir appreciated that Moudud came up with an assessment of that period of turmoil. But he was critical of certain views expressed by the author in the book.
BNP chairperson’s adviser Abdul Awal Mintoo said there were conspiracies not only against democracy at that time, but also against the theoretical basis of the country’s sovereignty ‘and the conspiracy is still on.’
Professor Mahbub Ullah, a former development studies professor at Dhaka University, publisher of the book Mohiuddin Ahmed and BNP joint secretary general Mahbub Uddin Khokan, also a Supreme Court lawyer, also spoke on the occasion.

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  1. Moudud as the law minister in the BNP regime played a huge role in causing the anarchy that brought in 1/11. Now he is conveniently forgetting his own role as a ‘failed politician’ whose twisted maneuverings cost his party very dearly. Writing books and getting some BNPwallahs to launch his worthless thoughts won’t help now.

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