Bapex’s new well producing gas on test basis at Bhola

New Age Online

Bhola_mapThe state-run petroleum exploration company Bapex on Sunday started producing gas from a new well at Shahbajpur field in the island city of Bhola on a trial basis, officials said.
‘Now Bapex is producing 20 million cubic feet of methane gas per day to conduct a drill stem testing in the third well at Shahbajpur field,’ Petrobangla chairman Hossain Monsur told New Age.
Petrobangla, the state-run Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources Corporation, is the parent organisation of Bapex.
When asked, Monsur said, the authority would keep the gas production from the well suspended until a 225MW combined cycle power plant is come into operation by the end of this year. This remote gas well is not connected to the national grid.
Now Bapex is supplying only eight million cubic feet of natural gas a day from the Shahbajpur field to feed a 33MW rental power plant and a few domestic burners there.
The previous two wells of the field have a capacity to supply more than 40 mmcfd of gas.
Monsur said that the authority will enhance gas production to 75 mmcfd to meet the ever increasing demand in Bhola.

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