Sonia vows to write book on her own to tell the ‘truth’

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Sonia Gandhi. – AP photo

Sonia Gandhi. – AP photo

The Indian National Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, in a rare show of emotion vowed to write a book on her own to pave everyone to know the truth about her life following criticism from fellow politicians.
‘I will write my own book and then everyone will know the truth,’ an angry Sonia Gandhi told NDTV Thursday in response to comments by former Congress leader Natwar Singh in an interview about his new autobiography.
‘I am serious about this and I will be writing,’ the 67-year-old Congress president said.
Natwar had in an interview alleged that Sonia’s decision to not take up the post of prime minister in 2004 was not because of an ‘inner voice’ as she had famously said, but because of opposition from her son Rahul Gandhi, who was reportedly worried that she would be assassinated like his father Rajiv Gandhi and grandmother, Indira Gandhi, both former prime ministers.
In his book, Natwar describes Sonia as ‘authoritarian’ and ‘Machiavellian.’
Sonia Gandhi said that she was used to such attacks. ‘I cannot be hurt, I have seen my mother in law riddled by bullets, my husband dead…I am far from getting hurt with these things…Let them continue to do this it will not affect me…They can continue to do this if they so please,’ she said.
Earlier this year, Sanjaya Baru, a former adviser to Manmohan Singh when he was prime minister, had in a book alleged that Sonia interfered inordinately in the Congress-led UPA government’s affairs. Baru’s book had handed the BJP much political ammunition against the Congress just before the general elections.
Natwar Singh, 83, seen as close to the Gandhi family for many years, was a cabinet minister when he had to resign from the Congress-led coalition government in 2005 after allegations of corruption. He quit the party in 2008.
The Congress has dismissed Natwar’s comments about Sonia as ‘ridiculous.’
Spokesperson Ajay Maken said, ‘These days it has become fashionable to sensationalise the contents of a book with the sole aim of ensuring better sales and free publicity. This is yet another such exercise. Any comment on it will be a futile exercise’.

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