Minorities in Bangladesh face increased harassment and attacks: US report

495 places of worship destroyed, 1 killed in 2013

New Age Online

A United States report on the status of religious freedom in Bangladesh said Hindus and other ethnic and religious minorities have faced increased harassment and physical attacks amidst political turmoil.
The report was released by the US department of state on July 28, titles ‘International Religious Freedom Report for 2013’.
In Bangladesh, there were a large number of arson attacks and looting of minority religious sites and private homes across the country, especially against the Hindu community, the report said in its 16th year edition.
According to a domestic human rights organisation, 495 statues, monasteries, or temples were destroyed; 278 homes and 208 businesses were destroyed; 188 were injured; hundreds displaced, and one person was killed during the year, the latest edition of the report said.
In November, a mob assaulted a Hindu man and set fire to 26 homesteads in a predominantly Hindu village in Banagram, Pabna, the report read.
The police reportedly did not detain any of the perpetrators the victim named but did detain an individual who sheltered Hindus during the attack, it read.
Increased violence against minorities in the lead-up to the elections shows how minority communities are especially vulnerable during periods of political instability, when some partisans exploit latent communal sentiment to settle scores, take land, or intimidate opponents to achieve political aims, it further read.

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  1. Enayet Mowla says:

    The report is completely and absolutely false. Last year due the the activities of BNP and Jamaat
    some problem arose but as the creators of those problems are no longer active, the problems have also disappeared.

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