Govt servants demand pay hike

Shakhawat Hossain

Government officials and employees are pressing for pay hike ahead of the national budget and the general election, officials said.
They demanded 50 per cent increase in basic pay or at least two increments.
The lowest paid employees ought to get a monthly raise of Tk 3000, they said
Prime Minister’s adviser HT Imam forwarded the demand in a recent letter to finance minister AMA Muhith.
The officials and employees also demanded 20 per cent of pay as secretariat allowance and access to credit at four per cent of interest.
They also demanded an increase in pension and gratuity, said the officials.
HT Imam in his letter requested Muhith to consider the ‘incentives’ ahead of the national budget for the betterment of the public administration.
Most of the demands are ‘logical’ and implementation of those would help bolstering the activities of the administration, said officials quoting the letter.
Government officials and employees expressed dismay over non implementation of the recommendation of the last pay commission to set up a permanent pay commission.
Expectations are running high among the officials and employees after Muhith said that the government would announce a new pay commission in the coming budget.
But he categorically said there will no announcement of dearness allowance.
The five-year tenure of the present government ends in January.
Officials said the finance ministry was unwilling to meet most of the demands especially the secretariat allowance and access to credit at four per cent interest.

They, however, pointed out that officials working in the Prime Minister Office and President Office enjoyed certain extra allowances.
But the secretariat officials do not get these allowances, they said.
The officials and employees of the Bangladesh Bank and other state-owned banks have access to credit at less than four per cent.
A section of policy makers in the government are in favour of the incentives.
Former caretaker government adviser Akbar Ali Khan said linking the demand for pay hike with the upcoming election was not illogical.
‘None can ignore the essential price hike in recent years,’ he said.
Now the take-home salary of the senior most civil servant is Tk 40,000 and the basic pay of the lowest-ranking employee is Tk 4,100.

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