Bangladeshi teen to play Malala . Dhaka

A teenage girl from Bangladesh will be playing Malala Yousafzai in movie ‘Gul Makai’ by director Amjad Khan.
Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist for education and girls’ rights, has emerged as a global symbol of the struggle against the Taliban.
Filmmaker Amjad Khan finally found his Malala in Dhaka’s Fatima Sheikh, The Times of India reported on Thursday.
The identity of the movie’s lead role remained a secret for the last 40 days ever since Fatima took her screen test before the director.
Malala survived a shot in the head by Taliban gunmen on October 9 last year.
Critically wounded, she was flown to the UK for treatment.
The movie’s title ‘Gul Makai’ is a tribute to the pseudonym Malala had used to write her diary from her home Mingora, during the days of Taliban occupation in Swat valley in northwest of Pakistan.
Her journal accounts first appearance in BBC’s Urdu service in 2009, when she was 11.
The film’s director said there were two reasons for keeping Fatima’s casting a secret.
‘One was that her parents were extremely reluctant to let her do this role, let alone expose her to the danger it involved and second was the work permit to shoot in India,’ Khan told The Times of India.
Fatima secured her work permit ten days ago so the film is ready for shooting, he added.
The shoot of the proposed film will be held in India and Pakistan.
He said young new actor’s parents had to be convinced so they would let her play Malala on

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