WP, CPB condemn GSP suspension

Staff Correspondent

The Workers Party of Bangladesh, an ally of the ruling Awami League-led alliance, and the Communist Party of Bangladesh on Saturday condemned the United States’ unilateral suspension of Generalised System of Preferences for Bangladesh.
Workers Party president Rashed Khan Menon and general secretary Anisur Rahman Mollick, in a joint statement, said that the suspension of the GSP facilities was completely a political decision.
The suspension is in no way related with the rights of the workers and their safe work place in Bangladesh as the US government has never given GSP facility for the garment sector of Bangladesh, they said.
They also said that the US government was creating pressures to the Bangladesh government for signing Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement.
They criticised the government for their failures to establish rights of the workers including their right to trade union in the mills and factories and ensuring safety of the workers at their workplaces.
Communist Party of Bangladesh president Mujahidul Islam Selim and acting general secretary Mohammad Shah Alam, in a statement, called on the government to suspend the economic and military facilities given to the US.
They also urged the government not to sign the proposed TICFA deal with the US.
They demanded immediate establishment of the rights of the workers and their safety at the workplaces.

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