Cricket fans vandalise bank

Staff Correspondent

Cricket fans on Wednesday vandalised the branch of United Commercial Bank at Mirpur-10 as many of them failed to collect tickets for second one-day international between Bangladesh and New Zealand.
They became angry failing to collect the tickets after waiting for hours in the queue in front of the UCBL branch that sold the tickets.
Later, police dispersed them by using teargas shells.
The fans alleged that the UCB bank authorised to sell tickets had deceived them by not selling a good numbers of tickets.
‘We were waiting for hours, but the bank authorities kept tickets in their bag for selling them at high price,’ said Jamal Uddin, a fan.
From Tuesday night, hundreds of cricket fans had gathered in front of the branch. In the morning the area became crowded with thousands of fans.
At around 3pm, the bank authorities announced that they had sold out all their tickets, despite thousands of people were still waiting in the queue.
With the announcement, the fans became angry and hurled brick bats at the UCBL branch and vandalised glasses.
Police rushed the scene and dispersed the crowd of cricket fans by hurling teargas shells.
‘We got 3,823 tickets for the second ODI, but more than 10,000 people gathered at the branch. As the tickets were sold out, people reacted,’ said Johirul Islam, staff officer of the bank.
Mirpur police officer-in-charge Salauddin Ahmed Khan, denied using teargas shells.

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