Aircraft meets accident as fox jumps on its wheel

Our Correspondent . Cox’s Bazar

A Dash 8 aircraft of Regent Airways met an accident on the runway at the Cox’s Bazar Airport on Wednesday evening after a fox jumped on its front
The 15 passengers and four crew on board, however, were unhurt when the accident took place at about 6:45pm, claimed the airway’s chief commercial officer, Ashish Roy Chowdhury.
The hydraulic part of the front wheel was so badly damaged that the aircraft needed a repair, suspending its scheduled return flight at about
But, witnesses said some of them sustained slight injuries when the aircraft was suddenly put on the brake on the taxiway due to the fox.
A team of technicians was on the way to Cox’ Bazar to repair the aircraft as the pilots were unwilling to fly-back to Dhaka immediately.

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