Editor’s Council concerned over attacks on newsmen, media houses

Staff Correspondent

The Editors Council on Wednesday expressed grave concern over attacks on newsmen and media-houses by political activists over the last few days amid political turmoil.
Movement of newsmen and their vehicles have always been out of the purview of hartals and blockades but at least 19 journalists were injured, four media offices and some vehicles of media houses came under attack in the last five days from October 26 to 30, the council said in a statement.
The council called upon all political parties to refrain from attacking newsmen and also requested the government to ensure safety of the journalists and their work stations.
The Editor’s Council, an organisation of editors of the country’s newspapers, in the statement said that such behaviours were a matter of grave concern as newsmen felt insecure in such situation.
The statement signed by the Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam, also the general secretary of the council, said that democracy could not be sustainable anywhere in the world without freedom of media.
‘We should not forget that the role of newspapers is very important in the democratic process and the mainstream media of Bangladesh is working towards the goal,’ the statement read.
‘A bold and free media is a pride of Bangladesh which has been achieved by great sacrifice. The people of the country and journalists will protect the achievement at any cost,’ the statement said.

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