Editors’ council ask Shamim Osman to withdraw his vulgar remarks immediately

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The editors’ council Monday strongly condemned the recent dirty, vulgar and abusive statements of Narayanganj lawmaker Shamim Osman, spearheading the journalists community.
That council said such uncouth opinion was unimaginable for even a general member of the public, let alone such a lawmaker.
‘We think Shamim Osman has grown reckless because of patronisation by various quarters,’ a council release said, adding, his manner and vulgarism not only have demeaned his dignity but also the House’s.
The council said the prime minister recently admired the Osman family. But his remarks have been embarrassing for the PM too.
The editors’ council asked Shamim Osman to immediately withdraw his dirty statements.

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  1. Mohsin Siddique says:

    For Mr. Osman to apologize for his vulgar pronouncements he has to first recognize those as such; I am not sure he has that ability. Besides, what does he care about what the Editors’ Council think of him, is he not guaranteed protection from the most powerful quarters in the country? Does he give a damn about what others consider as ‘reputation’, since he defines what reputation he wants, having already attained that? Let us admit the facts: Bangladesh has become a country ‘owned’ and operated by the vulgar. I think the reason for this is best described by the late Prof. Ahmed Sharif” “…আমরা অসৎ শূদ্র হিন্দু-মুসলিমরা, আদিবাসী-উপজাতি-জনজাতিরা এবং এখনকার বাঙলাদেশ রাষ্ট্রবাসীরা বিদ্যায়-বিত্তে-বুদ্ধিতে-বেসাতে-শাসনে-প্রশাসনে যথার্থ অর্থেই অধিকাংশই ভূঁইফোঁড় । আমরা অধিকাংশই প্রথম প্রজন্মের শিক্ষিত শহুরে চাকুরে ব্যবসায়ী, আমলা-উকিল-ডাক্তার-বেনে-শিক্ষক-সাংবাদিক-প্রকৌশলী-প্রযুক্তিবিদ; আমরা অনভিজ্ঞতায় অনৈপুন্যের, অদক্ষতায় অযোগ্যতার দরুন দায়িত্ব-কর্তব্য যেমন সুষ্ঠু ভাবে পালন করতে পারিনি তেমনি ধনে-মনে কাঙাল বলে লাভ-লোভ-স্বার্থচেতনা আমাদের সংযম, সততা, আত্মসন্মানবোধ, বিবেকানুগত্য অনেকাংশে হরন করেছে ।“ – “বিশ শতকে বাঙালী“, পৃ: ৪৪

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