Active participation of women in legal profession stressed

RU Correspondent

A seminar titled ‘future of women in legal profession’ was held at Rajshahi University on Sunday.
In association of USAID’s Justice for All Programme, the university law faculty organised the seminar in the conference room of RU deans’ complex at 11:00am.
RU law faculty dean Professor Biswajit Chanda presided over the programme while Sandara Feinzig and Sharmeen Farouk, chief and deputy chief of the Justice for All Programme in Bangladesh respectively, Laura Kaplan, researcher of gender development programme of USAID, Emelda S Mullick, coordianator of USAID Bangladesh, and Md Nashid Reza, senior legal officer of USAID in Bangladesh, addressed the programme.
The speakers highlighted problems which should be solved for the active participation of women in legal professions in Bangladesh.
The speakers stressed that social attitude towards women should be changed at first.
They said the basic problem for women participating in any profession was to face sexual harassment at workplace.
They emphasised creating an environment in which women professionals would have access to opportunities and women beneficiaries could make meaningful choices to exercise their legal rights.
The work for social awareness among the general people through media and campaigns throughout the country was also stressed in the seminar.
Tapos Kumer Das, assistant professor of law department, conducted the function.

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