Patients suffer for unhygienic toilets in govt hospitals

Ahmed Shatil Alam

Patients in some of the major public hospitals have to suffer immensely because of the unhygienic toilets when the country is going to observe World Toilet Day today.
Experts have said unhygienic toilets cause health hazards and psychic complexities to the patients, attendances and others who use such toilets.
Dhaka Medical College and Hospital deputy director Mushfiqur Rahman said, ‘Toilets of hospitals have to be cleaner and more hygienic, otherwise a dirty toilet can affect anyone.’
MA Azhar, head of medicine department of SSMCH, said dirty toilets contain tons of unhygienic particles which can cause many infectious diseases.
After visiting three major hospitals of Dhaka — DMCH, Sir Salimullah Medical College and Hospital, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital, New Age found the toilets in the hospitals in a very dirty and unhealthy conditions.
The toilets were found damp, clogged with sewage, slippery, producing bad stench and some of these were without water facility.
‘Mostly I try not to use the toilets as they remain dirty almost all the times,’ said Rony, an attendance at ShSMCH.
‘Other times, when it becomes urgent, I hold my nose while using the toilets,’ he added.
The hospitals authorities, however, claimed that because of the pressure of patients they cannot keep the toilets clean.
DMCH deputy director Mushfiqur Rahman said, ‘We (DMCH) have
more than 450 toilets and always try to keep them clean as best as possible. However, because of the pressure of patients and attendances, we cannot sometimes keep them clean.’
ShSMCH director AM Mujibur Rahman, however, told New Age to call him later while he was sought for comment.

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