Bangla, Global Studies to be compulsory at English medium schools

Staff Correspondent

Two subjects, Bangla and Global Studies, as published by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, will be made mandatory for the English medium schools, said Nurul Islam Nahid, who recently resigned as education minister.
Nahid, while speaking at a discussion at International Mother Language Institute, announced that Bangla and Global Studies would be made mandatory in English medium schools to ensure that children of the schools learn more about the country, said an education ministry press statement on Monday.
Nahid also said private universities also should put more emphasis on the Bangla language.
Education secretary Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury presided over the programme which was also addressed by Bangla Academy director general Shamsuzzaman Khan, International Mother Language Institute director general Jinat Imtiaj and others.
English medium schools follow the curriculum, syllabus and examination system developed by some universities or education boards around the world.
Education ministry officials said most of the books of this syllabus are authored by foreign writers and present the references and explanations in the context of foreign countries.
As a result, Bangladeshi students cannot apply their knowledge to their surroundings and remain ignorant about the history and culture of the country, they observed.

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