Rampal power plant won’t affect on Sunderbans: Anwar

New Age Online

Rampal power plantThe campaign of different media that coal fired power plant at Rampal of Bagerhat near Sunderbans would cause harm to the mangrove areas, does not have any scientific ground, said environment and forests minister Anwar Hossain Manju in the parliament on Thursday.
Anwar Hossain Maniu reiterated government’s claim that the coal-based power plant at Rampal would not cause any harm to the Sunderbans, while replying a starred question of ruling lawmaker Pinu Khan.
The Sunderbans is situated about 14 kilometres away from the proposed 1,320-megawatt coal-based power plant site, which is a joint venture of Bangladesh Power Development Board and the National Thermal Power Corporation Limited of India under the name of Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company.
Environment experts warned that the power plant project will bring more harm to the country, destroying the World Heritage site, additionally the climate, topography, land use pattern, wetlands, floral and faunal diversity and quality of air and water in the Sunderbans also will be affected due to the power plant.
Meanwhile, Anwar Hossain Manju assured that the power plant will be built following ultra super critical technology method and which would ensure no negative impact on Sunderbans during the construction and operations.
Besides, the minister insisted, the standard of air emitted from the plant will be maintained following the World Bank guidelines, boiled or untreated water will not be released to the river, and the water treated by effluent treatment plant will be reutilised as much as possible.


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