VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Kill the culprits in ‘crossfire’: Kazi Firoj

Staff Correspondent

Jatiya Party lawmaker Kazi Firoz Rashid told parliament on Tuesday that the government should take steps to punish, if needed to kill, the perpetrators of violence against women.
Taking floor on point of order after Maghrib prayers, Kazi Firoz Rashid said that harassment and killing of children and women increased at an unimaginable level but many of the perpetrators were not being punished.
‘Had the police killed the killer of Wills Little Flower School and College student, such incidents would not have reoccurred,; he said, adding, ‘if you want to save women and children, you have to ensure highest punishmentfor the criminals.’
Citing newspaper reports on recent incidents of violence against women, he said, ‘The government is tackling militants with iron hand and it should follow the same method.’
Deputy speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah, while presiding the third sitting of the 12th session of the 10th parliament, claimed, ‘It seems the lawmaker is talking about crossfire, but this government does not believe in crossfire.’
He asked home minister Asaduzzaman Khan to make a statement on the matter under Rule 300 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament and the minister replied that he would do so soon and added that the government was taking actions against perpetrators.

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