Humayun’s Aaj Rabibar to air on Star Plus

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Aaj Rabibar

A still from Aaj Rabibar.

Late writer-director Humayun Ahmed’s popular tele-serial Aaj Rabibar is all set to air on the Indian television channel Star Plus starting October 1.
Star Plus has already dubbed the serial into Hindi and is expecting to reach audiences across the 150 countries or so to which it has access.
The channel is now airing an announcement of the coming of the serial under the title Today is Sunday.
‘It is great news for all Humayun fans including me that, for the first time, a Bangladeshi drama serial is going to be aired by a popular channel like Star Plus,’ said Humayun Ahmed’s widow Meher Afroz Shaon, who also played a role in the serial.
The airing will also introduce Humayun Ahmed to the wider television audiences across the world, she added.
‘Though it was made about 20 years ago, I hope it would be accepted in present-day India because of its story and the distinctive Humayun Ahmed way of storytelling,’ said Shaon, hoping that more Humayun Ahmed productions will be broadcast outside the country.
Aaj Rabibar, which was first aired on Bangladesh Television and later on Channel-i, is one of the most popular television serials made in Bangladesh.
‘It is obviously a good sign for us that an Indian television channel is airing our own production. I hope that such sharing of television content will continue in the future and we will be able to reach wider audiences outside the country,’ said actor-director Mamunur Rashid, also president of the Television Programme Producers Association.
Aaj Rabibar stars Aly Zaker, Asaduzzaman Noor, Abul Hayat, Abul Khair, Subarna Mustafa, Meher Afroz Shaon, Sheela, Faruk and others.
It was aired on BTV in 1996.

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