Hope Benegal’s recommendations are implemented soon: Manoj

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Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee

Actor Manoj Bajpayee has said in order to stop the constant tussle between Censor Board and filmmakers, Shyam Benegal’s recommendations regarding film certification should be implemented as soon as possible, reports Hindustan Times.
Acclaimed filmmaker Benegal had recommended that there should be two categories of U/A, one plus 12 years of age and one plus 15 years of age and two categories of adult–one normal adult and another adult with caution. ‘I really hope Shyam Benegal’s recommendation is implemented as soon as possible. The conflict between filmmakers and the Censor Board, which has been going since years, will continue unless we modernise the recommendations, regulations and guidelines,’ he said.
Manoj was speaking at the trailer launch of his next, Saat Uchakkey.
‘As long as that doesn’t happen, filmmakers and Censor Board’s conflict will go on,’ he added.
The actor was speaking at the trailer launch of his upcoming film Saat Uchakkey. While there were reports that the film was stuck at the Censor Board for a long time owing to the excessive use of expletives, Bajpayee said things were not made “difficult” for them, but the fact is that the makers decided to take their time.

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