DUPS: A platform for amateur photographers

Arifur Rahman
Members of DUPS

Members of DUPS pose for a photo.

‘I never thought about training in photography. I’ve always had friends interested in taking pictures and so one day I decided to experiment with the camera myself. And soon, what was once a mere hobby turned into a passion,’ said Abdul Kiyom Hira, a third-year student of TV and film studies at Dhaka University.
‘Anybody can take pictures, but only those with strong passions for the art can spot the right frame and moment. I didn’t know the basics of photography until I got involved with DUPS, and now I am quite comfortable with it,’ he said.
For anyone like Hira, Dhaka University Photographic Society (DUPS) can be a good platform both for learning and practicing photography. Established on August 29 in 1999, the organisation provides amateur photographers with an opportunity to explore and exhibit their skills.
Nafiul Hasan Nasim, the president of the platform, stressed the need for a passion for photography which is what, he says, binds the members of this platform.
‘Anyone who loves photography can be a part of DUPS. It doesn’t matter if you think you are bad or good at it. All you need is a passion for photography. Here, we are like an extended family and anyone who does something gets appreciated by other members of the family,’ he said.
To meet its goal to develop the photographic skills of its members and students, DUPS regularly organises workshops, trainings and field trips, Nasim added.
Initially, it took in only the students of Dhaka University but later it extended its wing to accept learners from outside the university interested in its photography courses.
Now, it organises several trainings on phototherapy every year in which anyone can attend.
DUPS, which celebrated its 17th founding anniversary last month, has so far participated in many local and international exhibitions and photography contests. It has also organised exhibitions at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.
Membership in the society is open to only Dhaka University students. An initial registration fee of Tk 100 is required.

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