Kangalini Sufia is back

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Kangalini Sufia

Kangalini Sufia

Eminent traditional singer Kangalini Sufia is making a comeback to music after a hiatus of 10 years marked by prolonged illness.
Sufia, who delivered several timeless songs including Buri Hoilam Tor Karone, has recently recorded a song – legendary lyricist-singer Abdur Rahman Boyati’s unreleased track Bhuli Bhuli Mone Kori – for a new album.
‘It feels great to be back and sing again,’ said Kangalini Sufia while talking to New Age.
‘I am singing after long 10 years during which time I had been sick and couldn’t perform. Now I am feeling better,’ she said.
‘There is also a practical reason. I am struggling with financial constraints, so I need to perform to earn even if it means compromising with my health.’
The mother-of-two also said her husband had left them long ago. One of their daughters lives separately while another, along with her three daughters, lives with her. ‘For my daughter and grandchildren, I need to sing again.’
The song that she sang was composed by Murad Noor with permission from Abdur Rahman Boyati’s son Alam Boyati.
Besides Sufia, the album will also feature Abdur Rahman Boyati’s songs in the voice of Fakir Shahabuddin, Fakir Alamgir, Paban Das Baul, Mamtaz, Kajol Dewan and others. The title, production house and release date of the album are yet to be fixed.
Born in 1961, Kangalini Sufia (whose real name is Tuni Haldar) has been performing since she was 14. She took her primary lessons in music from Ustad Halim Boyati and performed in different countries including the USA and the UK.

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