Incongruities of BNP committees triggers resentment

Staff Correspondent

Incongruities and anomalies in the new national executive committee, standing committee and advisory council, announced on Saturday after four months and a half of its council session, bred resentments and frustrations in the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.
A number of leaders alleged that many dedicated leaders were not evaluated, a junior leader was placed on national standing committee, the party’s highest policymaking body, seniority was ‘intentionally’ ignored and some vital leaders were placed in inactive posts.
They also opposed the direct induction of many professionals into vital positions.
Even taking so long time, the party failed to announce full-fledged committees as two posts in the standing committee and five posts in the executive remained vacant, they mentioned.
A number of leaders in the executive committee said that they were considering resigning citing ‘humiliation’ being deprived of desired position.
Giving example of anomalies, a mid-level BNP leader said that an assistant secretary of the immediate-past committee was made vice-chairman and another outgoing assistant secretary was placed in the advisory council.
He further said even a simple executive member was made vice-chairman in the new committee.
Another leader, who got a secretarial post, said that senior leaders were superseded by juniors intentionally.
He said that many leaders and activists did not appreciate the placement of former joint secretary general Salah Uddin Ahmed on the standing committee.
BNP on Saturday announced 502-member executive committee leaving five posts vacant, 19-member standing committee leaving two posts vacant and 73-member BNP chairperson’s advisory council.
The sixth national council session on March 19 had empowered BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to form the committees.
Khaleda and her eldest son Tarique Rahman were re-elected unopposed the chairperson and senior vice-chairman before the council session.
Many activists and supporters of the leaders deprived of desired positions became ‘aggrieved’ and ‘frustrated’, party leaders said.
A former office bearer who was placed on advisory council said that active field-level leaders were placed in inactive posts which ultimately would not produce any better result.
New secretary on special duty Asaduzzaman Ripon, who was international affairs secretary and worked as the party’s spokesman in 2015, declined to comment.
Executive committee member Mohammad Hanif, who was also executive committee member in the past committee, said that many dedicated leaders were not evaluated while a number of ‘inactive’ leaders and ‘non-political’ people were placed in various posts.
Asadul Karim Shahin, who was made assistant publicity secretary one step down from his earlier post of assistant office secretary, said, ‘No comment.’
Many leaders and activists were critical of inducting kith and kin of a number of leaders into the various posts having no long political career.
Some cited examples that daughter and daughter in law of standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy and wife and brother of standing committee member Mirza Abbas were inducted into the central committee.
They gave examples of induction of wife of missing former organising secretary Ilias Ali and wife of standing committee member Rafiqul Islam Mia into advisory council, and son of BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury hanged for war crimes and son of vice-chairman Abdul Awal Mintoo into executive committee.

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