Popular singers turning actors

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actorIt has become a common trend for the singers to test their mettle in acting after they have received a certain degree of fame for their musical prowess, some taking it further with regular on-screen appearances while others sticking to their origin.
Popular singer-composer Shafin Ahmed is the latest addition to this list, appearing in a six-episode Eid-special teleplay series, Rhythm of Life, which was directed by Farhad Ahmed for Maasranga TV.
Shafin, vocalist of the popular band Miles, appears in the role of a singer.
He is now part of a long list of singers who ventured into acting at some point in their career, including Agun, Bappa Mazumder, Partha Barua, John, Biplob, Hridoy Khan, Tahsan, Kona, and Waqeel Ahad.
Their reason for acting is more or less similar: they started receiving acting offers from directors who wanted to cash in on their popularity and they complied eventually, they would say.
‘I have received numerous offers for acting but never felt like doing it. After all, I am a singer, not an actor, and I cannot play just any character. But this role in Rhythm of Life attracted me because it is about a singer,’ Shafin Ahmed told New Age.
Tahsan Rahman Khan, better known by his first name, said he began acting for a change. ‘I wanted to know how it felt like to act, to get the taste of working in a different medium of the entertainment industry,’ he said.
‘However, music still remains my greatest priority,’ he said. The singer, who rose to fame as the vocalist of Black in 2000, now acts on a regular basis and mostly appears in romantic television dramas.
For Biplob, however, it was about satisfying a curiosity.
The vocalist of Prometheus said he wanted to explore the world of acting, which he did by appearing in a villainous role in director Royel Manik’s film Game released on January 2, 2015.
‘Actually, I was in charge of composing the film’s title song, and one day Nirob [hero of the film] suggested that I play the villain. At first, I didn’t take it seriously, but later I took up the challenge,’ said Biplob.
Kona, another popular singer, was involved with director Alvi Ahmed’s 2015 film U-Turn, in which she appeared in a cameo role as a singer.
Waqeel Ahad, who has recently finished shooting for a film about the life of a reclusive baul, said he agreed to do the bit because he liked the story.
The film, Bhuban Majhi, directed by Fakhrul Arefeen Khan, is now awaiting release.
‘I took an instant liking to Bhuban Majhi when I first heard the story. It is about the true story of some bauls in Kushtia who were tortured by local influentials in 2004. I was in Kushtia when the incident happened,’ said Waqeel, adding that he had been involved with the theatre troupe Loko Natyadal for 10 years before he moved to music.
Whatever the reason that brought these singers to acting, they agree that they have thoroughly enjoyed their new adventure and had little trouble pulling off screen performances.
‘Singing and acting are both performing arts. A true artiste can perform both simultaneously,’ said veteran singer-actor Agun, son of the legendary film director Khan Ataur Rahman.

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