Khaleda tells AL to learn from Britain

Staff Correspondent

Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia on Monday asked the ruling Awami League to take lessons from Britain and hand over power to a neutral government in order to fulfil people’s aspiration for a free and fair election.
‘I will tell Awami League to look at Britain and learn a little,’ she said, adding that the incumbent government was clinging to power by flexing muscle when it was not elected by the voters whereas the elected British prime minister announced his resignation losing the recent referendum on Brexit.
She made the remarks while briefly addressing an iftar party hosted by Agriculturists Association of Bangladesh, a platform of pro-BNP agriculturists, at Ladies Club in the capital.
She urged the Awami Leauge to at least fulfil people’s aspiration for an election under a neutral government as the ruling party claimed that they followed Britain.
For this election to be free and fair, she urged the Awami League to quit power and hand it over to a neutral government immediately.
Khaleda said her party would accept whoever would be elected in that election and similarly others would have to accept if BNP was elected.
She came down hard on the government for failing to ensure fair price of paddy and jute for farmers, who even did not get back what they spent to grow their products.
She said the ‘illegal government’ paid no attention to the farmers’ miseries whereas the AL government had committed in election manifesto to supply agri inputs including fertiliser free of cost and feed people rice at Tk 10 per kg.
The BNP chief said the ruling party didn’t keep their any commitments made to the people.
She alleged the government had a tendency towards importing rather than increasing domestic production in order to get commission.
Terming agriculture as the most important sector of the country, she said the agriculturists had an immense contribution to the agriculture sector through innovating high yielding crops.
She alleged that good officers had been driven out as their fault was they either belonged to BNP or supported it.
Khaleda said if BNP was voted to power, they would give top priority to the agricultural sector to turn it self-reliant.
She lamented that the agricultural land was depleting day by day following construction of markets and multi-storey buildings.
She suggested that everybody must give attention to increasing the agri lands through using khush lands.
BNP leaders, professionals including agriculturists, academics, engineers, lawyers and journalists attended the programme.

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