Thugs who stole our money

IN OCTOBER 2014, I had an opportunity to visit the Philippines as a member of a team, attending the International IT-BPM Summit in Manila. All of us were impressed with the Filipino straightforwardness, hospitality and democratic mentality. But this pleasant memory has been assailed by the recent theft of $81 million of the Bangladesh Bank committed by some individuals, companies and bank officials in the Philippines. The notoriety of the thugs and their accomplices under the umbrella of some financial entities has proved to be a flagrant immorality in every consideration. What they have done with the hard-earned money of a nation that has never looted anybody’s asset nor has ever resorted to any action prejudicial to any foreign nation is simply terrorism against economic system of the world.
We, however, feel encouraged to see that the government and the administration of the Philippines have taken up the case from a moral viewpoint and are trying to recover the money from the culprits and bring them to justice. We believe that if the Philippine government and its administrative machinery use all-out measures to recover the money from the transgressors, there is every possibility that Bangladesh will get back all its lost money.
If Bangladesh does not get back its stolen money, the people of Bangladesh and their posterity will be carrying a deep scar in their memory for centuries to come.
Gazi Mizanur Rahman
A former civil servant

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