Mindless dumping of municipal waste

I LIVE in a rented house with my family in Banasree, Dhaka and it is on the second floor. My house is adjacent to another building where dwellers are owners of the flats. Most often we have to face awkward situation as dwellers in the neighbouring building throw waste through the window which falls directly onto our house through the window. I complained several times but the owners of the flat paid no heed and kept doing the same. I do not find any reason why people throw municipal wastes through windows. The Banasree area has a waste management service by way of which municipal wastes are collected and dumped in designated places from where the wastes are disposed of. Each and every household needs to pay Tk 50 for the service. Even with the system being put in place, wasters keep littering between the buildings and in open space making the whole area filthy and dirty. The materials that litter are polythene bags, wrapping plastic, plastic bottle and what not which are hamful for our existence and for the environment.
Both the city corporations of Dhaka have of late chalked up plans to keep Dhaka clean and tidy and the city corporations have installed dust bins at various points in the capital Dhaka. But only the installation of waste bins is not enough to keep the city clean. It is imperative for the authorities to make people aware of the issue and carry out mass campaigns on the electronic, print and other media about it. Laws governing the issues should also be stringently enforced. But above all, we need to change our mentality and think about the benefits of keeping our city clean and tidy.
Mohammad Zonaed Emran
Banasree, Rampura

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