Law and order situation normal: PM

Staff Correspondent

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday told the parliament that country’s law and order situation was normal due to various steps taken by the government.
‘People are getting justice. Due to the activeness of law enforcers, militancy and terrorism has been curbed,’ she said replying to a query of ruling party lawmaker Kazi Nabil Ahmed.
She said law enforcing agencies were successful in unearthing the recent killings. ‘Legal action has been taken against the persons and sources of militancy and militant financing, to curb militancy and other criminal activities.’
The prime minister said people who had past connections with the militant, criminal or other subversive activities, are under intelligence surveillance.
The prime minister also said the government has already given direction to the law enforcers to take stern legal action against all sorts of militant, subversive and violent activities.
In reply to another query of independent lawmaker Haji Selim, the prime minister said, ‘Bangladesh Bank theft will not put any long term impact on the country’s economy.’
She said a portion of hacked amount was recovered and the rest of the amount will be recovered through the legal procedure.
Replying to another question, Hasina said that the government had taken up an initiative under the Ministry of Education to set up an academy for children with autism and neuro-developmental disorder to place them into the society’s mainstream.
Responding to a supplementary question on money being siphoned off through offshore banking, the prime minister said that the incidents in question had taken place during the caretaker government, during 2007-2008, when businessmen faced torture and repression.
She also said most of those who were in power during the 2001-2006 regime also siphoned off money.
Hasina said that the government never gave permission for opening offshore accounts, although it is allowed by many developed countries, and government was taking appropriate measures to stop money being siphoned off. She also said information on those who take money away from the country was coming to the government gradually.

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