Bilal Philips forced to leave Dhaka

Ershad Kamol
Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Islamist scholar Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips left Dhaka on Wednesday as the intelligence requested him to leave the country, said the organisers that arranged his lecture in Dhaka.
‘Philips arrived Dhaka on Tuesday,’ said Sharif Abu Hayat Apu, manager of Dhaka chapter of SEAN, a sister concern of Islamic Online University, a global educational institute founded by Dr Bilal Philips.
Bilal, who is banned in many western countries for inspiring youths in jihad, was supposed to deliver two lectures in Dhaka.
SEAN also published invitation card of Bilal’s lectures and distributed it through social media.
He was scheduled to deliver lectures on June 21 at the Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh on ‘purification of wealth’ and ‘union of Islamic nation’.
On June 24, Bilal was scheduled to deliver lecture on Allah at United International University Auditorium at Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi.
‘Bilal Philips cannot deliver such lectures as he came on tourist visa,’ said a highly placed official of special branch of police preferring anonymity.
The officer, responsible for giving arrival clearance to the foreigners, however did not comment on how such a controversial man got visa and allowed to pass the airport.
Bilal Philips is an Islamic thinker, religious teacher, speaker, writer and TV presenter. He now lives in Qatar.
There is allegation that Bilal has been inspiring youths with suicide bombing for long.
He has been banned in the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany and Kenya.


  1. Isn’t it *required* that newspaper reports filled with hazy insinuations like this one AT LEAST contain: 1) sources, so we can corroborate where you’re getting these allegations of jihad from; and 2) the other side of the coin, so you give this dude an opportunity to present his case? Or if he refused to present his case then you at least write “He could not be reached for comments”. I mean, basic rules of media objectivity we learn in undergrad journalism classes, no?

  2. it is so strange that how a terrorist become Most Influential Muslim Man of the Year in canada??????we should have to know about him…. if he really a terrorist why Bangladesh government let him go…rather should hand over him to FBI…they get more point to be secular country from USA…….why not??????????//? always true is winner……………

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