Power plants should bring no sufferings

WORDS fail me in condemning the action of the police who fired into people of Gondamara at Banskhali in Chittagong, on April 4, 2016 when they were protesting against a move for the construction of a Chinese-funded local power plant. Four people were killed and many more were injured.
Thousands of people were protesting against the government’s move to set up a coal-fired power plant in the area which the protesters, along with many others, considered to be a threat to their life and livelihood and feared that it would result in an environmental disaster. We learnt from the local people that when they had earlier started to hold protests against the move for the power plant on the proposed site the authorities did not heed their
People from all over the country must come together and mount pressure on the government to abandon the plan.
People are not happy about the proposed Rooppur nuclear power plant and the two coal-fired plants at Rampal which are thought to be destroying the Sunderbans, a World Heritage Site as announced by UNESCO.
In the interest of the nation, the government should set up, and select sites for, power plants
Nur Jahan

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