Obsession with power

THE incumbents have become obsessed with setting up new power stations, one after the other, not caring about how disastrous they may turn out to be for the nation. Every day, news of plans for another new power station reaches us. Some of them, according to activists and even experts, may have catastrophic consequence for the environment. The government, however, is totally ignoring all these warnings.
From news reports in daily newspapers we have learned that currently, an unsolicited deal is being done with an Indian company to build a power plant in the Bhola Island. The government continues to award power project contracts on the basis of unsolicited negotiations under the Special Act for Speedy Supply of Power and Energy, though the country may not be in dire need for them. It is shocking that the government has given the green light for six new power plants on such basis, without consulting with the people. This country belongs to the people, not the to government. The government cannot ignore the people like this when it comes to taking key decisions that will have an impact on everyone. The government must stop doing whatever it wishes and start to involve the people and start considering their wishes.
Nur Jahan

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