BNP to change organogram for new leadership

Rashed Ahmed Mitul

Top leaders of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party said the party is mulling bringing major changes to its constitution to develop specialised leadership among the ranks of the party, ahead of its national council.
According to tentative plans, specialised sub-committees to the party’s central committee is likely to be introduced in the next council.
The party is likely to make sub-committees on publicity, international affairs, education, agriculture, organisation, youth and environmental affairs to be run by respective secretaries of the national executive committee.
At present, these issues are dealth with in an ad-hoc manner, said a mid-ranking leader who has close contacts with the party high command.
Citing an example, he said now the party has no committee on the country’s constitutional affairs or
electoral affairs, which are very important for a large political party like BNP.
He said the sub-committee is likely to be headed by a standing committee member as convenor while the office bearers of the particular issue in the executive committee is likely to be the member-secretary.
People of various professions would be accommodated in the planned sub-committees to utilise their knowledge and experience, party leaders said.
The sub-committees will work extensively on different issues of organisational, national and international importance to face the challenges and brief the party chairperson on various developments, they said.
The sub-committees will also create space to accommodate a good number of the party men to cope with the pressure of leaders and activists who aspire to positions in the central committee.
The party is also apparently actively considering making mandatory that one person cannot hold more than one position in the party.
BNP vice-chairman Abdullah Al Noman told New Age on Wednesday that they were thinking of making the party’s constitution and manifesto ‘time-befitting’.
Senior leaders are also exploring the prospect of introducing a national committee beside the national executive committee to reduce the size the national executive committee, the party’s top executive body.
The top executive body should then only comprise of top order executives and office bearers, which would allow the committee to sit in short notice and take quick decisions. The national committee would meanwhile comprise of the top executive body, assistant office bearers and central members.
A BNP leader said that he would propose amendment to the constitution to increase the number of office bearers and reduce the number of members in union, upazila, municipal and district committees, keeping with the existing size of the committees.  It would be encouraging to grassroots leaders and activists, he said.
The national council of BNP is set for March 19.

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