Israeli soldiers kill 3 Palestinians in separate incidents

Associated Press . Jerusalem

Three Palestinian teenagers were shot and killed while attempting to attack Israeli security forces in two separate incidents in the West Bank on Sunday, the Israeli military and police said.
In the first incident, two Palestinians were throwing rocks at passing vehicles near the West Bank city of Jenin, the military said, and when forces arrived at the scene, one of the Palestinians opened fire at them. The soldiers fired back and killed the two Palestinians, the army said, adding that no soldiers were wounded in the exchange.
The Palestinian health ministry identified the two Palestinians as Nihad Waked and Fouad Waked, both 15 years old. They were from the same extended family in the West Bank village of al-Araka, near Jenin, but were not close relatives.
Later, at a West Bank security checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem, a Palestinian gripping a knife ran at Israeli paramilitary border police officers, and an officer shot and killed him, Israeli police said.
No Israeli officers were wounded. The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the Palestinian as 17-year-old Naim Safi of Abadiya village near Bethlehem.
In the last five months, Palestinian stabbings, shootings and vehicular assaults have killed 27 Israelis. At least 160 Palestinians, the majority of whom Israel says were attackers, have been killed by Israeli fire.

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