Nahid finds no proof DU was Oxford of East

Staff Correspondent

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid told parliament on Thursday that there was no documentary evidence in support of Dhaka University being called the Oxford of the East.
‘So, there is no reason to believe in the myth Dhaka University was once the Oxford of the East,’ he said replying to a question from opposition leader in parliament Raushan Ershad.
Raushan asked the minister why Dhaka University, which was once called the Oxford of the East for its quality of education, was not in the list of 100 best universities of the world.
Nahid said that it was a fairy tale that Dhaka University was the Oxford of the East.
He, however, said that there was no reason to undermine the glorious past of Dhaka University. ‘I have been hearing since the last 50 years that the standard of education at the university is deteriorating but it is not true,’ he said.
Nahid said that the standard of education at Dhaka University had increased though the university was yet to achieve the standard the leading universities of the world maintained.
The opposition leader also wanted to know whether the education minister made visits to the universities to see the status of education.
Nahid replied that he regularly visited the educational institutions to ensure quality education.
Replying to another question on fake degrees, he said that some people might be tempted to beef up their resume by buying a fake degree from the universities.
The minister said that not only the local universities but also the universities of different countries were involved in selling fake certificates.
He said that none of the private universities in Bangladesh had the authority to provide a PhD degree.

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