1.5m workers from Bangladesh won’t get entry into Malaysia at one go

Staff Correspondent

Malaysian deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has said that all of the 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers that Malaysia would employ in different sectors would not be permitted to enter the country in one go but in phases over three to five years.
According to a report of Bernama, the Malaysian national news agency published on Thursday, Zahid Hamidi, also the home minister, said the government wanted to recruit the workers as per demand of industries in the sectors permitted, business associations and chambers of commerce.
‘The figure of 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers which has received wide play in the media is actually the number of those registered with the Bangladesh government for job purposes,’ he told a media conference in Kuala Lumpur.
Earlier, Ahmad Zahid had chaired the last meeting of the Special Cabinet Committee on Development and Management of the Malaysian Halal Industry, which was dissolved and replaced with the Malaysian Halal Council.
Ahmad Zahid said the (Bangladeshi) workers to be brought in must also meet certain conditions like they must first be trained in the sector they will be in before they are given employment.
He said the workers would also have to be given training in cross-culture to help them understand Malaysian culture as well as expose them to the country’s laws and code of ethics.
They will also be vetted for criminal activities as well as for health issues before permission to bring them in is given, he said.
He also stressed that enforced deportation of foreign workers, including Bangladeshis, will be carried against those who will overstay in Malaysia.
Ahmad Zahid said the details of the agreement would be finalised by the Human Resource Ministry and the Bangladesh government in Dhaka on Feb 18 before being tabled to the Cabinet for approval.
Application for the import of Bangladeshi workers could be done on-line by the industries concerned and submitted to the Home Ministry’s Foreign Workers’ Division, he said.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh cabinet has recently approved a draft for an MoU with Malaysia, paving the way for 1.5 million Bangladeshis to be sent to the Southeast Asian country under the G2G Plus scheme over the next three years.
Along with the government, private agencies would also be allowed to recruit labourers for employment in Malaysia under the scheme, said officials in Dhaka.
Under the scheme, Malaysia would recruit Bangladeshi workers in construction, service, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Earlier, hiring was done only for plantation sector in Malaysia.
Malaysian government’s recruitment of Bangladeshi workers stopped since 2008 for high migration costs and irregularities by local migration recruiters.
About six lakh Bangladeshi workers are currently working in Malaysia, said according to official estimate.

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