Flyover at Moghbazar

CONSTRUCTION work on the Moghbazar-Malibagh flyover continues to run at a snail’s pace making life difficult for the city commuters. Although the earlier deadline has already expired, no observable progress has been made it seems. In the meantime, the cost of the project has skyrocketed, eclipsing the initial estimated cost of the construction work, despite the lack of progress which is baffling. One can estimate that the slow progress of the project might well have added to the construction cost in terms of higher overhead expenses at the very least. Based on that logic, it is worrying that so little headway is being made even now, that progress is still so slow, as it would surely add to the now, much higher estimated cost, once again. Thus, it is worrying to think how much the project will eventually end up costing the nation.
Meanwhile, construction work on the flyover keeps causing traffic congestions. Most of the sufferers are working people, students and commuters. Moreover, the digging of roads to set up utilities is adding to the woes of the ordinary person. People are forced to spend hour after hour stuck in traffic. Such wastage of hours daily is a burden that we, the ordinary people, can ill afford. The government must try to see things from our perspective. Yes, there may be some justifiable reasons for the delay. But the government must let that be known to the public. We have a right to know and demand accountability from the government for such delays that are hampering our daily lives. At the same time, fund management for the construction work must be made transparent as well. It should not be forgotten that accountability and transparency are key to democratic governance. Thus, we appeal to the concerned authorities to take up the initiative to speed up the construction work to provide us with some relief and complete the work with accountability and transparency.
MD Zonaed Emran

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