Actor declared dead after stage stunt

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Raphael Schumacher, the Italian actor who was accidentally hanged during a live theatre performance, has been declared clinically dead.
Schumacher, 27, was re-enacting a hanging scene during an interactive performance in Pisa, when a spectator realised the stunt had gone wrong, reports BBC.
The actor, who had been in a coma since Saturday night, has subsequently been declared brain dead by doctors.
An investigation has been launched into the theatre’s safety procedures.
Schumacher’s condition has been deteriorating since he was taken to a local hospital on Sunday. He did not respond to treatment and doctors suggested he had suffered severe and probably irreversible brain damage.
Following a six-hour procedure to establish brain death on Thursday, the hospital issued a statement, ‘The family and the prosecutor’s office have both authorised that his organs be donated, but their removal will be subject to a medical assessment to be performed in the course of the night.’

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