Venezuela opposition vows to oust president

Agence France-Presse . Caracas

Venezuela’s opposition vowed Friday to drive president Nicolas Maduro from office this year, raising pressure on the socialist leader as he weathers a political crisis in the oil-rich nation.
Having rejected Maduro’s bid to seize emergency powers over the crisis-hit economy, the opposition-led legislature revived calls to oust him.
‘Someone said we should let the government finish its term so it can stew in its own juice. That would be irresponsible,’ the opposition speaker of congress, Henry Ramos Allup, told a gathering of foreign reporters.
Maduro’s mandate runs until 2019, but the new opposition majority in the National Assembly has raised the prospect of his rivals finding constitutional or legislative means to cut his term short.
‘I don’t want this to last three more years, going from bad to worse,’ Ramos said.
‘If you can treat an illness before it kills you, then you obviously apply the treatment.’
He reiterated the opposition’s aim to devise, by June at the latest, a legal way to oust Maduro.

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