Bangladeshis fail to get into UK jobs due to lack of training, language skill

Staff Correspondent

Although there is a huge demand for medical technologists, chefs, wielders and housekeepers in the United Kingdom, Bangladeshi workers fail to get into the British job market due to lack of proper training and proficiency in language.
This was conveyed when a group of Bangladesh origin British businessmen led by Misbahur Rahman met expatriates welfare and overseas employment minister Nurul Islam at his office on Tuesday.
During the meeting, they said that more than 10,000 restaurants and hotels owned by Bangladeshi businessmen were operating in the UK employing about 1.5 lakh chefs and workers.
About 5-10 per cent chefs and workers were from Bangladesh, they said, adding that most of them were recruited from India and East European countries who had skills.
For getting into British job market, the workers need to demonstrate English language skill, they said, adding that Bangladeshis were lagging behind in this regard.
Minister Nurul Islam said that the government has been trying to groom skilled workers for overseas employment.

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