by Kawshiki Nasser

Let’s call it an active day
and then the evening comes – dark
let’s call it love – this smell of ur sweater
the night is cold, dark, heavy
and i can’t sleep
more pills? more wine? whiskey?
i want vivid dreams
of whales, oceans, elevators, stairs
the memory of ur kiss on
my forehead
the smell of nicotine on my fingers
goodnight and
sweet dreams



by Kawshiki Nasser

Where does the love go
in these moments
these long drawn-out hours

where does the love come from?
do we dream it up
imagine it in to being
like god?

tears come a-fallin

people walk their dogs
children laugh, they play

nothing left
i am broken


In memory

by Kawshiki Nasser

I shall never be with you again
i cut you,
tore you into little pieces
i ate you
digested and flushed you out

you were the blood that
ran through my veins

i cut me open
and let you drip,
drip, seep, flow, away, out

but guess what
after you seeped
there was still more blood left,
and bone
and breath

i’m glad i never have to live you again


Come home

by Kawshiki Nasser

Come home
my hunger is naked
under these ceiling lights
and i want you

the wind blows wild
and the snow slants
as it piles up

my need is bare
come home


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