Automated fire hydrant

Mahfuzul Haque writes about an innovation that can automatically turn on and put out fire within three seconds

010The automated fire extinguisher, about one and half feet wide and two feet high, can douse fire within three seconds. The machine has been built in a way that it will start spraying water automatically as soon as the building it is in catches fire.
Md Mizanur Rahman, a motorcycle mechanic at Sharsha Upazila of Jessore, has invented the machine recently that was piloted successfully. Fire at industrial establishments, a common phenomenon in Bangladesh, often claims many lives leading to death toll and financial losses.
‘Considering the unpredictability of the incidents, I was brainstorming about a machine that will be able to minimise the number of fatalities,’ says Rahman.
He succeeded in developing the machine after three months of rigorous efforts. Interestingly, Rahman has no academic degree. He was trained through his daily job at his mechanic shop. He also made the tools required to build the machine at his shop.
According to Rahman, the machine can be installed in yards, sunshades, or on roofs as long as there is a connection to a water reservoir from where it can spray water and other connections to the floors from the machine. It is capable of covering the whole building whether it is one or more stories.
As soon as any building catches fire where it is installed, the machine will automatically start spraying water on the flames. ‘It can put out the fire within three seconds,’ Rahman says. The advantage of the machine is that it does not require any manual help from others; rather the sensors attached to the building enables the machine to work swiftly during an emergency.
011Besides putting out fire automatically, the machine can notify the building owner through his mobile phone. ‘The machine instantaneously calls the building owner through a circuit attached to it, so even if the owner is not at home at the time, he will still be notified immediately about the fire,’ Rahman explains his machine. In the same way, the machine also sends an alert to the nearest fire station.
The functions of the machine do not stop here. When the building catches fire, the machine alerts the people inside it by switching on the red light and sounding off the alarms. The blaring sirens can also alert people up to half a kilometer away from the burning site.
Load shedding also does not affect the functionality of the automated fire hydrant because it has store power. So during load shedding, the machine is ensured to work properly. The machine also has built-in water storage from where it sprays water during load shedding, Rahman shares.
Hearing about the invention the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Sharsha Upazila came to see the machine and then he informed other government high officials about the machine. On April 2, Mizanur Rahman was invited to present his invention and plan to the officials of A2I project at the Prime Minister’s office.
‘The officials at the Prime Minister ‘s office praised my invention and assured to assist me in introducing my invention to the general public,’ he says. At present he has no commercial plans. ‘I hope that the government will take steps to make proper use of my invention for the people,’ he adds.
Mizanur Rahman says that around ten thousand takas are required to make one unit of the fire douser.
The self-taught inventor has also invented a vehicle that he uses for himself. The vehicle can accommodate around 15 passengers at a time.
Recently, Rahman has also invented digital scissors with which it will be possible for the Prime Minister to cut ribbons at inauguration site, without necessarily being present.
He is also now working on designing a uniform for fire-fighters that will allow them to be at burning sites for a stretch of four hours without injuries. ‘The uniform will be designed to ensure that the fire-fighters will remain cool while wearing it and be able to work under harsh conditions without incurring any harm to themselves,’ he says.

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