Shubha Nababarsha, Happy New Year or both?

Do you think the Bengali identity of majority Bangladeshis is limited to only one day through the celebration of Pahela Baishakh?

Interviewed by Ahmed Deepto

Majority Bangladeshis are preparing to embrace the Bengali New Year 1422 in three days. As they celebrate the first day of the Bangla year on April 14, New Age Youth asked some members of the young generation about their reflections of whether their identity has become confined to only one day of the year.


016Hossain Mohammad Farhad (24)
1st year MBA student
University of Dhaka

Pahela Baishakh is not matter of a day or two. It is a celebration for whole Bengali nation. Irrespective of their faith people come together under the same roof as one ethnicity. Even if it is celebrated one day in a year, we should all celebrate the day with joy from our heart.



017Shahida Akter Joly (17)
1st year Student
University Laboratory College

I don’t think that our identity as Bengali is getting limited into the one-day celebration. Those who enjoy themselves on that day simply could not forget their traditions. These people live through their identity.



018Abdullah Al Zobaer (23)
Masters student in Health Economics
University of Dhaka

The Pahela Baishakh celebration is an expression that tells how we foster our identity. If we just put aside the other cultures that we are adopting, we may get left behind from the modern world. So, we should give importance to English as well as to our own Bangla culture. Our culture should be the first choice and I don’t think our identity is getting limited.



019Hredoy Deb Nath (21)
2nd year, Psychology Department
University of Dhaka

Though it is sad but painfully it is true. We keep forgetting our identity over time. We simply cannot assert our identity as Bengali where we are celebrating a day with joy and rest of the year we are following the culture of the West.



020Mohammad Sayem Bin Abdullah (24)
Final Year, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

I don’t think that Bengali identity is getting limited into one day celebration. Celebrating Pahela Baishakh has inspired the trend of celebrating Basanto Utsab and other programmes. Following culture has become a matter of perspective. Some people follow Bengali cultures and manners over the whole year. Some people follow it only on specific occasions.


021Syeda Sara Nasir (21)
2nd year student, Psychology Department
University of Dhaka

We are adopting western culture, education, behaviors frequently and we can not deny it. We, ourselves loosing interests in own tradition and that’s why our identity is getting limited. We should inspire others and believe it from heart that we are Bengali.



022Mithu Chakma (22)
2nd year student
Bangladesh University of Health Science

When the first day of the Bengali year comes we think of a day to celebrate and then when the day gets over, we forget who we really are. The rest of the year we simply pollute the Bangla accent with English. As a Bengali we should talk and act like one.



023Shawon Al Hasan (24)
Final year student, Business Administration
North South University

Literally, Pahela Baishakh has now turned into a ‘neo-valentine’ for Bengalese. It should not be said that we are celebrating the day to recall rather it should be said that we are getting too busy on that day showing ourselves off that we are Bengali.



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