Change-makers of society

In youth lies the charge of changing the social dynamics, the possibilities of a better future. This is a unanimous belief. As we transpire from a magazine to a broadsheet and from today a compact supplement containing eight pages of a diversity of features oriented to activities of the youth, our endeavour remains to give the youth a space and exposure for all their efforts.
015It is in fact their contribution that can change a society and thus, New Age Youth would seek to give them the due appreciation of their work by highlighting the concerning issues, promoting innovation and featuring young people, boys and girls, who have set an early mark for themselves.
It is however, important to define who we refer to as New Age Youth. According to the National Youth Policy all Bangladeshi citizens aging 18-35 years shall be treated as youth. This is an age bracket that contains the powerhouse for all changes in a society.
Many of these young people have prospered in multifaceted ways and have volunteered to enliven the society with their contribution be it in social and political development, information technology, business models, music or sports.
Every week, New Age Youth would offer you a cover story on the most pertinent issue that young people are thinking about. The supplement would also offer initiatives of the young people that is worthy of setting an example within the society and a profile or interview, discussing some of the inspiring stories of the young and talented.


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