All the president’s women

by Towheed Feroze

ex03Apocryphal or not, a story on JFK’s (John F Kennedy) insatiable sexual appetite has survived over the ages and it goes like this: when Kennedy met Nikita Krushchev, the Soviet premier, at a social event after a day of protracted talks over the missile crisis and US-Soviet relations, he whispered to the Russian, ‘Don’t know about you, but I need a soft hand every night.’
The soft hand means a woman – of course, you knew that already. Reportedly, later, the Soviet leader shared this with his colleagues and thus the story got around.
Did the president mean soft hands all over the body or something else?
Anyway, we can either take it as true or, coming down to prosaic reality, accept this as a concoction by some clever bloke who simply wanted to underline JFK’s raging libido.
It’s no secret that the charming president of the USA in the early 60’s was a die-hard proponent of the no holds barred sexual freedom that was sweeping western societies.
In fact, a White House intern at that time wrote in her explicit memoirs later on that she was copulating with the head honcho with the first lady still somewhere in the premises. They do say the possibility of danger always escalates the excitement.
Will I get caught or not…..the feeling of doing something forbidden is, of course, a natural aphrodisiac. That is exactly why…..meeting in a dark room with someone whom you are not supposed to be close to is so arousing.
Ever tried it?
But for North Korean leader Kim Jong there’s no cloak and dagger about getting feminine company. It’s believed that he has decided to revive the female troupe, which was dismantled after his father’s death.
Reports say, members of the pleasure troupe entertain leaders by singing and dancing…that is of course putting it very mildly. One can easily put dancing in high heels with nothing else on under the insipid ‘singing and dance’ category.
Meanwhile, the word entertainment has no limits – hell, if your idea of fun is listening to Byron being recited with a bottle of Chianti then someone else might decide to become Byron and take a pen to write poetry on someone’s smooth, silky stomach.
Both of course fall perfectly within the inoffensive title ‘entertainment’.
What is funny is that the West is making a big deal of the North Korean leader’s move, trying to give the news a negative slant by projecting him as a sex maniac with no disregard for female honour.
Well, I say Kim Jong is a transparent man who likes doing things in the open because he does not find anything wrong in it. Or, maybe he believes what legendary American writer Hemingway said: what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what makes you feel bad after.
The thing is women have always played a pivotal role in politics and in the lives of prominent politicians across the globe. The issue of legitimacy is definitely not the issue here.
Take Clinton for instance – his cigar related antics with Monica Lewinsky created an uproar with lawmakers calling for an impeachment but it hardly detracted from his image; on the contrary, women swooned over him while most Americans just overlooked the transgression with the expression – men will be men, and he is after all the most powerful man in the world and, that feeling of omnipotence is dented if one cannot at times have a little wicked fun on the side.
The hypocrisy here is when western leaders have a little spice on the side, it’s just peccadillo, when someone else wants a romp it’s a mark of decadence and debauchery.
Dominic Strauss Kahn’s maid-gate comes to mind, right? Well, if he had politely proposed to pay the hotel maid in the New York Hotel in exchange for some intimacy then he would not be deemed a scum who can’t keep his manhood in control.
Either a coy ‘yes’ or a firm ‘no’ from the maid and the thing would have ended there!
That way, no one would have known and he would still be king!
The reason why JFK and many others like him in power got away with clandestine affairs is because firstly, women who were giving the favours were in awe of the men (most were handsome) and felt it a privilege to sleep with them and the others were handed out gifts, privileges generously.
Ummmm sorry but Strauss Kahn is not really GQ material!
Come to Bangladesh where we have had our share of top men with a weakness for the opposite sex. Urban folklore has it that in the late 80’s a row broke out over women, between a top leader of the country and a leading businessman, also known for being an outspoken libertine.
Legend has it that the businessman once slapped the political leader before the latter was powerful and once he became influential, the politician took revenge by arranging a torture session, allegedly, inside a tank.
You dare touch the girl I want…yes, we have heard all that many times before.
A thousand ships were launched for a woman…compared to that this is nothing!
Yep, Jinnah was right when he said there are three powers in the world: that of the pen, the gun and the beauty of women.
Please pardon me if I sound coarse but can’t resist remembering a line from one of my favourite movies: Scent of a Woman – ‘Legs. I don’t care if they’re Greek columns… or secondhand Steinways. What’s between ‘em… passport to heaven.’
So let’s not take a moral high ground and slate the North Korean leader – he is just sustaining a tradition. Others do it secretly with an ‘I don’t know’ sort of holy façade whereas this guy is doing it openly.
Come to think of it, the Mughals emperors are termed grand and magnificent but they also had this habit of picking up women they fancied; that means married wives of noted officials.
According to historians, Emperor Jahangir had the husband of Meherunnisa murdered so that she could come and join his harem and later be his wife.
Yes, the plan was carried out…she became Jahangir’s 20th wife. History says Jahangir was so overtaken by her that he vowed not to take any wife after her.
Come on, after 20 wives, do you have the courage to marry? And no one said Jahangir stopped visiting the Harem…
Way to go Kim Jong…..I hear once the women in the North Korean troupe reach mid-twenties they are handed over as wives to officials – that means no one is discarded.
JFK was the lover president, Clinton the president with a slight twist to sexual preferences, so shall we call Kim Jong the Playboy of Pyongyang?

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