Mim’s eyes fixed on film career

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Bidya Sinha Mim

Bidya Sinha Mim

Bidya Sinha Mim is not one to settle for less than what the entertainment world has to offer, so it figures that the actress, who rose to prominence with her leading roles in coming-of-age and romantic teleplays, would be determined to establish herself as a player of the big screen.
The actress has cut down her television appearances to give herself some elbowroom, she said, and redirected her energy into working in films which she thinks are the ‘ultimate place’ for any actor.
‘Every actor wants to work in films as films are the ultimate place for them, not television. This is why I’m making fewer television appearances these days and concentrating more on my film career,’ Mim told New Age.
‘But I must take care to work only in films that have a good storyline and a good role for me.’
Three commercial films – of which Mim is the leading lady – are awaiting release at the moment. The actress has recently signed for an Indo-Bangla joint production titled First January, co-starring homeboy Emon and veteran Indian actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty.
The three local films awaiting release are Tania Ahmed’s Good Morning London, Tonmoy Tansen’s Padma Patar Jol and Wajed Ali Suman’s Sweetheart.
‘I can’t say much about First January at the moment, but it’s going to be a family-drama flick. Shooting will begin in September this year, and will take place in different locations in West Bengal and Bangladesh,’ Mim said, adding the film is slated for release in February 2016.
‘It has an excellent storyline and I liked the character that I am going to play. There are plenty of scopes for work. I am pretty excited about another thing too, you know, that he film will be released in West Bengal and Bangladesh, meaning audiences of both the countries will be able to watch it. It’s a thrilling thing to think of.’
Previously, Bidya Sinha Mim has worked in Humayun Ahmed’s Amar Achhe Jal, MM Kamal Raz’s Kanamachhi, Jakir Hossain Raju’s Amar Pran-er Majhe, Mostofa Kamal Raj’s Tarkata, and in numerous fan-favourite teleplays aired on different television channels.

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