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Do you feel free to express your views on the internet?

Three bloggers have been killed since 2012 because of sharing atheistic views on the internet which hurt sentiments of fundamentalist groups. Contrarily, state authorities have arrested at least nine people last year for sharing opinion that the authorities deemed prejudicial to national interest under section 57 of the Information and Communication Technology Act – 2013. New Age Youth interviewed the young generation of the society to take their views on the current state of freedom of speech in the country. Interviewed by Imtiaz Salim

Sharif Jubaid Redwan Rusho (23)
05Second year student of Civil Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
I think the situation is not as extremely dangerous as what would cause people to stop expressing own opinion. If recent incidents put us into believing restraint on the use of internet, it would hamper all enlightenment, education and freedom of speech.

Shahriar Ahmed (21)
06Third year student of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
I don’t feel safe at all in sharing views on the internet. It’s absolutely ludicrous. People may offend you and your religion but that doesn’t mean you can take the law in your own hands let alone kill somebody! Now I’m more reluctant than ever to express my views.


Anika Nawar Portia (20)
07First year student of BBA department
North South University
I do not feel free to express my opinions related to religion or any other sensitive matter on the internet. I would rather keep my opinions and ideologies to myself than provoking people with extremist views. I do not want to hurt anyone or get hurt by expressing it.


Majedul Haque (18)
08A levels candidate
We are from a country where freedom of speech pushes you to be killed. In a politically oppressive and close-minded society like Bangladesh we are stripped of our basic human right of expressing our thoughts openly. We can’t feel safe after openly declaring out views and opinions.


Rudabe Rahman (20)
09First year student of BBA department
American International University – Bangladesh
Expressing an opinion is a civil right. However, perceptions differ and so it might be that my opinion differs from others. Expressing one’s views on the internet is not a crime. I do feel free to share my views on the internet but at the same time I make sure that I am not offending others.


Shajidur Rashid (21)
010Second year student of IBA
Jahangirnagar University
I don’t think we feel free to share our thoughts on internet. One of the intrinsic instincts of human being is the desire of being free. The sense of freedom makes them distinct from other animals. But when capitalism and greed for power run through every politician’s vein, the word ‘democracy’ means just the same as it means in North Korea.


Noor-E-Muntaquim Alamgir (25)
Protik Prokashona Sangstha
My opinion is that it is a big ‘NO’ if we say we still have the freedom in sharing our views on the internet. People should have their ‘basic rights’ to express their thoughts and they should.



Mahfuz Hassan Pavel (25)
012MBA student
North South University
I don’t feel safe to share my ideologis when people get violent in the name of politics or religion. That does not mean that I am not willing to share. Doing nothing would be the worse in this situation.


Khandaker Tahsin Alam (22)
013Third year student of BBA department
East West University
I don’t feel safe expressing my views over the internet these days especially if it is on religion and politics. You are either labeled as an enemy of the state or enemy of god and the consequences are brutal.

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