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What is your take away from this year’s Cricket World Cup 2015?

The Cricket World Cup 2015 is one day away from its grand finale. Cricket is said to be one of those games in Bangladesh that unites every section of the society irrespective of differences. The games this year had plenty of dramatic turn of events, including high scoring performances, double centuries, heroic fielding and controversial umpiring. New Age Youth spoke to some of the cricket enthusiasts of the age to find out their take away from this
year’s world cup. Interviewed by Nibras Bin Sayed


Raisa Purba (24)
Finance graduate
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
04This was an amazing world cup for us. Apart from the match against Sri Lanka, we played well throughout the tournament. Mahmudullah’s back to back hundreds was the happiest achievement for every Bangladeshi. Our bowlers did their job very well. Taskin and Rubel would only lead us to a brighter future.



Ishtiaque Moinul Islam (23)
BBA Student
United International University
05This world cup can be easily summarised in a few words. Bangladesh played some brilliant cricket and made the nation proud. Cricket is becoming more and more entertaining. Bowlers really need to learn new moves to tackle batsmen like AB De Villiers. It is high time for globalisation of the sport, as furthered by Ireland and Afghanistan. I wonder whether Proteases will ever have the nerve to reach the final. But, yes, we would all love to see both the hosts play in the final.

Kevin Gomes (25)
Junior Executive,  Accounts
Qatar Airways
06Having reached the quarterfinal for the first time, I would definitely call it our best world cup. But I wonder where ICC was during the clear dismissal of Rohit Sharma against Rubel’s delivery on our quarterfinal match or during the horrible decision of Mahmudullah’s wicket, which I think was the turning point of the match. Indians have a lot of influence over ICC.



Asif M Shabab (20)
A levels candidate
07The tournament has been both entertaining and controversial. I would say that ICC put a huge dent on the face of cricket when Bangladesh was the receiver of many vital wrong decisions of the umpires. I think teams like New Zealand and South Africa kept this world cup alive and I hope that the Kiwis end up lifting the trophy.


Mayeeda Khan Monika (20)
A level graduate
08This world cup has given us a lot in terms of both happiness and despair. Our tigers played some amazing cricket from the very beginning and made us proud. Had it not been for some horribly wrong decisions of the umpires in the quarterfinal match against India, we would have played semifinal against the Aussies on our Independence Day.



Firoz Sarkar (23)
Final year student of Applied Physics
University of Dhaka
09The day umpires helped to knock us out of the world cup still haunts and disgusts me; but apart from that I loved every moment of this world cup. I got to see some superb batting from our boys and equally impressive fielding and bowling. We missed Anamul Haque in the opening stand but Soumya Sarkar has been a great find for our team.


Nahida Brishty (24)
BBA graduate
American International University Bangladesh
010I guess I feel like just another Bangladeshi out there; happy and sad at the same time. We could not be happier with our team’s performance and at the same time the cruel unjust way we got knocked out of the world cup keeps haunting me from time to time. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for some bigger achievements in major tournaments and maybe someday, reaching the quarterfinal of a world cup would not be a big deal for us as it is today.



Edward Francis Gomes (25)
Finance Graduate
Jahangirnagar University
011Cricket is becoming more of a batsman’s game. The bowlers really need to come up with some new tricks or the pitches need to be more balanced for both parties. I was pleasantly surprised to see the likes of our Rubels and Mashrafes bowling well on such flat dead pitches. At the same time, our batsmen have learned the value of partnerships.

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